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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One Hit Wonder Time: Quarterflash

A video opens with a hot girl playing the sax, she lowers the sax to start singing...all pouty mouth and breathless vocal.

This is the start of the video for the taste of the day. The woman is Rindy Ross, the band is Quarterflash and the song is "Harden My Heart."

Quarterflash centered around a husband and wife from Portland Oregon. The song was first recorded with their previous band Seafood Mama. The re-recorded version would become their highest charting single...peaking at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

While they would have another single "Find Another Fool" reach the Top 20, "Harden My Heart" remains to this day, a mainstay of 80's music stations.

It has everything a hit song should have. A punchy melody, good vocal, and great's the kind of song you will still listen to...even now.

"Harden My Heart"

Still have a soft spot for it.


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  1. Nice one. It is surprising how many bands. especially in the classic 80's period, had one major song, then kinda faded away..only to be remembered by that one song...