From sweet and smooth classics, to new names, to old names with new music...the focus here, is to shine a little light on some damn fine music.

I'll find it. You can listen, review, or tell me I wouldn't know good music if it kicked me in the ass. I personally don't give a shit.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Addiction, Obsession: It Ain't Healthy But It Sounds So Good

Oh sweet addiction. There are all kinds, I myself have a fierce one for chocolate, but this week we are talking about Love baby. As in addicted to your love. That is the theme for this week's Twisted MixTape from my pal Jen over at MySkewedView.

So many to chose from, virtually every genre has a ton of them. So I'll just pull one from here and there and back again. So here we go, a little addiction, a little obsession, and everyone goes home happy.

Starting out with a song which is really not in my regular go-to zone, but there's something about the desperation in it, well, that I like. Toni Braxton's hit.

"Unbreak My Heart"

One of Jersey's best, and one great showman. Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes are as tight a band as you can find, and so much fun live.

"I Played The Fool"

It seems Melissa Etheridge shows up often in my mixtapes, but really, how can you complain when she can write a song like this. Live, unplugged and intense.

"Like The Way I Do"

Oh yes, I'm going back to the 80s for a video that I must say I enjoy watching from time to time, and not only for the music. It's a song that fits the theme perfectly, and really if you have the chance how can you not showcase a song that has the line "and now the skyline wears a shroud, I hear your voice in every crowd." Survivor.

"I See You In Everyone"

Let's finish it up with the man. Smokey, with a little help from Sheryl Crow. It there anyone smoother than Smokey?

"You've Really Got A Hold On Me"

Done for another week. Fun party as always.

My Skewed View

Friday, December 6, 2013

Screaming Trees, Screaming Kids... Must Be Christmas

It's December, time of holidays, carols and ho ho ho's. Time of my birthday too, but that's a story for another day. Tonight we tell a short story, just 100 words. Lance from Myblogcanbeatupyourblog let Melissa @realgirlmelissa pick this week's song choice.

Screaming Trees started out in Washington just about the time when the music scene was getting hot. Grunge was the rule rather than the exception, and the Trees incorporated a little of all the sounds coming out during the early 90s. From their album Sweet Oblivion came the successful single "Nearly Lost You," which happens to be the pick of the week.

Here's the rule, simple really. Use the song as some sort of inspiration and write exactly 100 words.

"Nearly Lost You"

All arms and legs. Slippery for such a small one. He looked at me, eyes a mixture of bewilderment and terror. It’s natural, yes, but after waiting a whole year, he's still not ready for his moment to shine.

Scanning me left to right, then up and down. Is he real, he seemed to be asking? But he didn’t say the words. Actually, it’s my job to ask the question.

Before I can, he starts to slide off my lap. “Careful, nearly lost you.”  Pulling him back up, I smile and say “And what would you like for Christmas?”

This little bundle of sweetness is in direct response to everyone who bitches that I write too dark in these little exercises. So just like last year at this time, this one is all sugary and shit. Don't get used to it.

bah humbug.

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"Hey California" by Applegate Nance

Ok kids, gather round. New music to be heard today.

At Earth Hertz Records, we have been waiting for this video to finish being edited. It was worth the wait.

Applegate Nance are two very talented guys living in Nashville, but dreaming of heading out to the West Coast. Their first release from Earth Hertz is that story.

"Hey California" is just fun. I heard Arlo Guthrie say that California is a giant magnet for young men, especially musicians. He said men hit a certain age, and the west coast starts calling. I have a feeling Mike Applegate and Kyle Nance will make it out there before too long.

You can read their story on the Applegate Nance bio page. But for now, time to relax a bit and enjoy the video.