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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Toking With Lawrence Welk: The World IS Really Gonna End

New year and still can't figure out how the brain cells actually function.  This morning, somehow the conversation wandered (don't ask) to an old Brewer & Shipley Song, "One Toke Over the Line."  The video I pulled up began with a chat about Spiro Agnew, the vice-president at the time,  followed with the fact that the song had been performed on the Lawrence Welk Show!!!!!  Apparently they thought it was a spiritual song because of the references to Jesus & Mary.

"One toke over the line sweet Jesus, one toke over the line,
sittin' downtown in a railroad station one toke over the line.
Waitin' for the train to come home sweet Mary, hopin' that the train is on time.
Sittin' downtown in a railroad station, one toke over the line.

OK.  Wasn't there anyone at the Lawrence Welk Show to explain that the only spirituallity of the song comes from inhaling deeply?  Or did someone mislead poor Lawrence into featuring an ode to pot, under the guise of religion.   Whatever it is quite funny.

Watch the original Brewer & Shipley version, then just for shits & giggles click on the Lawrence Welk Show version.

Smoke it if you've got it.

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