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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Roll Me Away: So High

Feeling like something a bit lighter today.
Here's just an infectious rock song by Dave Mason. "So High,"  gives you everything you need...great beat, a chorus you have to sing along with, and a firm vision of the promise of a great first night... all in 4 minutes.

"Tellin' you darlin' we can do it in style
My imagination is drivin' me wild
'Cause the things that you're sayin'
Cuttin' right through me
Way that you're swayin'
Is gonna undo me and I'm...So High"

Dave Mason, originally of Traffic and famous for "Feeling Alright," also had a nice hit with "We Just Disagree." Love those songs, but when I need to get happy fast...I'm going with "So High."

Keep on rockin' me baby.

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