From sweet and smooth classics, to new names, to old names with new music...the focus here, is to shine a little light on some damn fine music.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Rock It or Roll It: Taste Both

Arrangements...they can make a song speak softly or come at you full balls on.  Today we taste one song with vastly different flavors.  Up first, let's visit Led Zeppelin doing "Black Dog"...Robert Plant young, shirtless, very tasty...Jimmy on fire with those familiar riffs.

Doing a complete turnaround...many, many years later, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss starting out acoustically with  "Black Dog", then bringing in a little electric.  Vocally, I think the acoustic version though not as intense, is a sexier, sweeter version.

Now, for an daily listen, I would still go with Zep, but it sure shows how far musical vision can take a tune.

Snack on both.

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