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Monday, January 2, 2012

Some First-Class Food, Mighty Fine Music...Then Golden Slumbers

A celebratory dinner by definition requires the proper musical background.  Such was my quandry for New Year's Eve.  Depending on my mood, the options are limitless.  We first tried a little classical guitar by Segovia, but somehow it didn't fit with the lobsters, and the definite elation provided by the alcohol of your choice.

Instead, pulled out a little "Abbey Road"...and if I need to tell you who did Abbey Road...sorry it's just inconceivable to me.  Google it and come back enlightened.  If you really haven't listened to the entire album lately or ever...again inconceivable to me, click on the above link to experience an album so diverse...if you took every song on its own, you could never believe they "come together" so perfectly as a whole.

As a side note, after dinner, we threw on the "Doobie Brothers - Live at Wolf Trap" DVD, from which a previous blog referenced the kick-ass version of "Long Train Runnin."  Gotta say, the whole concert was smokin'.  Definitely was one great show to have seen.  Sure worth a look-see if you have a chance.


  1. There are only a handful of artists I put into the same category as The Beatles. Artists whose music really changed the world. The others would be Elvis, Michael Jackson and Madonna. No one else has done what they did and none better than the Fab Four.

    Just saw the Doobies not too long ago. They still sound great. Here's something cool: My daughter's picture appears in their video for "Far From Home". If you watch it, she's the little girl on the school bus.

  2. way cool. how did that happen, send in pics or something?

  3. sounds like my kind of new year's celebration - rock on!