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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Where Has The Music Gone?

The purpose of this blog is to "shine a little light on some damn fine music."  It seems that even the younger generations are looking for some fine music as well.

Reading an article on yahoo this morning, college student Anthony Catassi laments about the vast wasteland that is indeed the state of the music industry today.

In his article "Where Has The Music Gone," Anthony agonizes over what songs will define his generation.  I say that's a great question.   In a comment I posted, I tell him to let the voice of his generation be heard...that's the only way to change it.

For a taste of true musicianship, let's sample "Take A Pebble" by Emerson, Lake & Palmer.  A simply beautiful melody enhanced by the pure vocal of Greg Lake, the understated percussion of Carl Palmer and the genius of Keith Emerson on keyboards.  For those who have never seen him play an organ backwards, or infuse classical music into rock, I suggest you enjoy this lick, then check out "Nutrocker."

It's called learning how to play an instrument..and showing it off.

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