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Monday, January 9, 2012

Battling at the Roadhouse

"Goin' to the roadhouse, gonna have a real...good time".  And we did.

The only thing missing was the cigarette smoke...otherwise the roadhouse ambiance is the same as ever.   Experiencing a Battle of the Bands today hasn't changed much from years back, only the music itself evolves from one generation to the next.

Diversity between bands produces a mixed bag of an audience.  From friends of the bands, to their parents to a few 'just listening to the sounds' types...Round 1 in this particular battle produced the full variety of interested parties.  All there for one communal experience...loud, live rockin' music.  Sometimes life is better than good.

Low ceilings, noisy, crowded... the type of place where you look to see where the nearest exit can be found...just in case.  Not the place for a first date, conversation is out of the question.  Just a place where you can judge just how alive you are.  If your foot ain't you're dead.

Not sure how the band I went to see did in the voting...not really the point.  They will have highs and lows, and success or not, last night they made the rockin' world go round.

No tasty samples today...just a memory to share.

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