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Monday, January 30, 2012

Long Time... No, Short And Sweet

Recently, I’ve started reading the newsletter by music analyst Bob Lefsetz.  He gets it, I swear he does.  In addition to great music insights, he can explain complicated issues in a way that is both understandable and relevant.  He also bares his soul in a way that at times, has me re-reading a sentence or three…over and over.

A recent post called Rhinofy-Keith Urban, gave a great analysis of some songs by the country artist.  Since Keith Urban has never topped my playlist, I thought I’d give it a taste.  While I still don’t think I’ll be following the singer on twitter, Lefsetz was correct on several points.  Bottom line: Keith Urban puts out some kick-ass music…great guitar work with some plain old good rockin’, and if you watch some of the videos…he’s kinda easy on the eyes.

But the most interesting part of the post was how he related the songs to his personal history.  Never have I known a man to so fully dissect the ending of a relationship, the different ways men and women cope with it, and describe how keeping an open mind to new love is still worth the risk.  Amazingly, he conveys all these things in just a few sentences.  Such an outpouring of raw emotions has made me curious and determined to explore the man versus woman version of crawling from the wreckage.  Sometime soon on Kat's Theory of Life, we will do just that.

“I’ve got wounds that never heal
But I’m beginning to think that maybe they will.”

So, in keeping with that theme, today’s lick is a song about wanting to give it “one more try”..even though the broken heart has not yet recovered. 

“Never thought, never thought I’d see the day
Ooh girl, you take my breath away.”

“Long Time” is not “Layla.”…it doesn’t need to be.  Simple and to the point, it’s an easy listen with some poignant lyrics.  The band is “One Man’s Trash,” featuring Jimi Jamison and Fred Zahl.  This video was recorded New Year's Eve at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

A Monday morning treat...tasty as that first cup of coffee.

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