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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hot Licks For New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is for amateurs.  Stay home and get happy with the one you love.  Get lost in the rock & roll, and drift away.  Here's a list of a few 'get me in the mood' options for your tasting pleasure.  It's a female perspective, but guys...isn't that the point?  In no particular order, but how do you not start with Marvin?

Marvin Gaye... "Let's Get It On" - nothing else needs to be said.
Eric Clapton... "Wonderful Tonight" - ain't a woman alive who doesn't wish this was written for her
Robert Plant... "The Way I Feel" - so sensual, perfect blend of vocal and melody
Bad Company... "Ready for Love" - actually anything sung by paul rodgers works, is there a sexier voice in rock? 
Jefferson Starship... "Miracles" - one of the hottest songs ever written.  have you never listened to the lyrics?
Emerson, Lake & Palmer... "Still, You Turn Me On" - just those four words
Chris Isaak... "Wicked Game" - so haunting, so tasty
Winwood & Clapton... "Little Wing" - while i've always said there can't be a bad version of little wing, this one is especially wonderful
Boz Scaggs... "We're All Alone" - just like a cigarette...nice for after

yeah, i've missed a bunch.  sorry, it's getting a bit hot in here.  let your love flow and have a happy new year.

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