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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Killing the Blues: Live and Breathtaking

A quick revisit today.  Couple of days ago, in a post titled "Rock It Or Roll It: Taste Both,"  I wrote about how a different arrangement can change everything about a song.  One of the tastes that day was Robert Plant and Alison Krauss singing "Black Dog."

Because the duet of Plant and Krauss is just so damn great, today's flavor is another collaboration of the two.  If you can, hook up the HDMI cable and play this through the best speakers you have.  Or headphones do a good job as well.

"Killing the Blues," live...just breathe in the effortless harmony and the singing from the soul.  Now think about what you hear on radio today.  Something like this you will never hear...and you really should.


  1. This album came out right about the time my mom passed away and got me through the sad times that followed.
    But you have to qualify what you hear on radio today to what you hear on "commercial" radio today. You're right, you won't hear it and you never will on commercial radio. That's why you have to go left of the dial and find a good college radio station and then you'll hear some good music.
    Thanks for another good tune.

  2. Absolutely. That's what we've been saying. There is great stuff out there...just a chore to find it. If it wasn't for college stations, we'd really be in deep shit. But we need to get our voices heard so that commercial stations realize people want more than what they offer. Your mom was one nice lady and is missed by many.