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Monday, January 23, 2012

Sizzlin' Blues on a Cold Day

Rainy, cold day.  Perfect for some hot blues.  When it comes to the blues..there ain't nothin' I don't like. One thing I've always enjoyed about the Blues is it doesn't matter if it's old stuff or new, Memphis, New Orleans, Mississippi, or's all tasty.

I can just put on a blues station and listen all day...not knowing who the artist is, just enjoying the style and flavor of each song.  Spent this weekend discovering an American blues singer/guitarist named Tommy Castro. I gotta tell you, these are some mighty fine dishes being served up here. As a winner of the BB King Entertainer of the Year Award, Contemporary Blues Artist & Album of the Year, TC has proven he got the goods.

Today's taste is "Sho Enough"...I can't get enough of this tune. And you know what I say... If your feet ain't tappin' you're dead."

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