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Thursday, December 20, 2012

There's More... Beyond The Sea

When we talk about people who died too young and think of them in terms of  "what might have been," one name always comes to my mind. And while most people have heard the name, most likely they don't quite know just how much talent was lost when he died at the age of thirty-seven.

Bobby Darin was a singer, song-writer, actor and political activist. As a singer, he crooned, he did folk, he did rock, he did country...he did it all. And except for a bad heart which he knew meant he would never be an old man, he could have done so much more.

He had a style and a swagger. Born in the Bronx, his career eventually brought him to Hollywood where he won a Golden Globe for his first major role. The next year, he was nominated for an Academy Award for another film. Ten years later he would not wake up from an operation to repair that faulty heart.

I have loved Bobby Darin for as long as I can remember, if you really knew his stuff, you can't help yourself. Today, let's have a few tastes from a great talent and think...if only.

"If I Were A Carpenter" ...A beautiful rendition of the Tim Hardin song.
"Dream Lover"  ...vintage footage from the Ed Sullivan Show
"Simple Song of Freedom" of his own, spot-on perfect
"Mack the Knife" ...a little Broadway.
"Beyond the Sea"  ...the classic done with a sense of humor.

Yes, different music today. An open mind lets in more joy than you can ever imagine. Try a taste or two.



  1. Always loved Dream Lover. Left us with some great tunes from a sadly very short life.

  2. He really was the whole package. Just not enough time.

  3. “I used to be pissed off at Bobby Darin because he changed styles so much. Now I look at him and I think he was a fucking genius.”

    ~Neil Young

    Love this post, love sharing the love with you!

  4. we are definitely a small but rabid group. nice to find another kindred spirit.