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Friday, December 21, 2012

Carry Me Home

Just like most of you, this was a very busy week for me. Lots of work, writing, errands, shopping and even a little partying. But there's still time to get in a 100 Word Song Challenge. This week Kathryn picked the tune for Lance. A new song by an indie band called Hey Rosetta, the song is called "Carry Me Home."  As always, we use the song as a prompt to write a little something in exactly 100 words. This post also fits into the Studio30plus prompt for Headache.

Read the words then listen to the song, or listen to the song then read the words. 

Sonny picked his aching head up for the third time with the same result. The room was still spinning, maybe worse than before. What the hell had happened? Sure drinks were flowing, but booze never hit him like this.

It was Christmas Eve and he shouldn’t be here. He was already skating on thin ice with Celia, and if he didn’t help put the toys together, he might be swimming in cold water come the New Year.

He saw that Charlie and Pete were still standing. “Hey you guys. I gotta get home, even if you have to carry me.”

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  1. Not good to get in the dog house during Christmas. At least he's trying to get home.

    (visiting via 100Word Song)

  2. Yeah, but something tells me Celia won't be very happy when his sorry ass gets pushed in the door. Thanks for stopping by.