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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bringin' It On Home with Sam Cooke

Sometimes the circle of life is a strange one.  Lately, we've all been inundated with holiday commercials misusing a lot of holiday songs. Most are not very creative and after seeing and hearing them two dozen times in a three hour are sick of them for the year.

There is one commercial though, I just love hearing. It's for Nautica clothing being sold through Macy's. It features a lot of young, good-looking people getting together in a nice house, by a dock, whatever. Not very intrusive, no one screaming about their product, just a song and not even a Christmas song playing in the background.

The song is "Bring It On Home To Me," written and originally recorded by the late Sam Cooke.

Sam Cooke was murdered 48 years ago today. The circumstances of his death have always been fuzzy at best. Rather than think about his death, let's celebrate his remarkable musical career. For today and for always, let Sam bring it on home, one more time.

Close your eyes and just breathe it in.



  1. Absolutely love this song! Awesome post, Kat.

  2. thanks of my all time favorites too.