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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12 A Date To Remember, Especially in NJ

Big day in the music world. The 12-12-12 concert will take place later on tonight. Today is also an important day in the state of New Jersey for two reasons. On this day, one music giant was born, and so was one giant music fan.

I can't even believe so many years have passed since a baby girl was born in a hospital in New York City. A tiny human being who has brought nothing but joy and pride to her family. A child who so quickly grew into a  teenager and now a woman. Someone who has always treasured every one of her crazy relatives...though some more than others, but I won't name names. As she has loved us, we have cherished her. Through movies and dog shows, from carrying on family traditions to creating new ones together, it has been a joy to share them with her. Two of my greatest delights have been taking her to her first rock concert and then to her first Springsteen concert...a mandatory education for a Jersey girl. To you, my beautiful niece, I wish that every bit of happiness you give to others, comes right back to you. Love you MC.

But I digress.

Also born on this day, Francis Albert Sinatra...Frank.
No introduction needed.

A song from Frank for Maria Christina.

"I'm Getting Sentimental Over You"




  1. wow did not think about the little shits bday associated with 12 12 12.time flies.wonder if she still hates the old ya little shit

  2. sadly, in your case, way too many brain cells have left the building.

  3. dont much care for u right now.still got enough to to tie my shoes&not drool to much