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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Walk This Way: Shuffle Baby

Took a three mile walk around the lake today, something I had not been able to do in some time. Walked back in the house and a grabbed a beer. While downing a bottle of water would probably been the healthier thing to do...nothing says a job well done better than an ice cold beer. But I digress.

As is my norm for my solitary stroll, I throw my iPhone on shuffle and just enjoy. Today my playlist was songs I've downloaded as opposed to uploaded.  Thought I'd just share a few today, and a couple of thoughts as I listened to them.

Walking out the door, one of my all time favorites. A song whose chorus has become a sort of anthem for how I feel about life.

"give me the beat boys and free my soul, I want to get lost in your rock & roll and drift away."

 "Dobie Gray with "Drift Away." ...just a joyful song

Next up was a song whose lyrics tear at your heart. A song about life at the Ronald McDonald House. Sung by Jimi Jamison, Knowing anyone, especially a child who has gone through cancer treatments, I dare you to not have a tear in your eye listening to it.  And all proceeds from the song go to the Ronald McDonald House.

"in this house that love built you'll be safe and warm, tears fill the wishing well from the occasional storm."

Jimi Jamison " House That Love Built"

Walking up a hill, I was given a real boost. A little Journey. What better than a summer afternoon walk hearing Steve Perry singing "Stone in Love"

"in the heat with a blue jeaned girl, burning love comes once in a lifetime. oh the memories never fade away...golden girl I'll keep you forever."

Hearing that, I could do another couple of miles...easy.

Went into some blues next...can't complain about that.

"lord i don't want to give up, i just need a reason for trying. so hide me away in the jungle before they feed me to the lions."

A little Carolyn Wonderland was up with "Feed Me to the Lions."

Back into rock, just a great sing-a-long, Rainbow's "Stone Cold"

"i try to run, i try to hide. from everything i feel inside, i just can't escape you..or your frozen eyes."

A few more tunes before I turn into the driveway...ending off with a little Tom Petty doing "You Wreck Me."

Three miles flew by, a great way to take a break on a Saturday afternoon.

Walk on...

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