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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Always Tellin' The Story: Otis Taylor

Born in Chicago, raised in Denver, Otis Taylor first began his musical journey on the banjo. He later switched to guitar, learned the harmonica along the way and became one of the great blues chroniclers of the world around him. The man can write a whole lot of story in his songs.

In 1977, Otis Taylor took a leave of absence from the music business for almost twenty years, then in 1995 he came back with a vengeance. In the years since his return, he has released a dozen albums, had his music appear in movies and TV and been nominated for and won several honors. He heads up a music program for elementary schools and universities to enlighten and mentor students in all things blues. That is very cool.

Today, we will take a few tastes of Otis Taylor. If you're not familiar with the music of Otis Taylor, don't miss this chance to find it. Listen to the music, listen to the stories.

"Walk on Water"
"Black Witch"
"Ten Million Slaves"
"505 Train"
"Plastic Spoon"
"Few Feet Away"

and I just can't resist saying it...

Otis, my man. Love the Blues Brothers.


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