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Thursday, July 5, 2012

On The Soapbox: Where There's Liability, There's Stupidity

It's always about the lawyers isn't it?

In a move which reeks of stupidity, a Florida lifeguard has been fired for going to the aid of a drowning man. I shit you not. Here's the background: Man outside of the lifeguard's area starts to drown. Lifeguard abandon's his post to assist other swimmers in bringing the man to shore. Once on shore, the lifeguard stabilizes the man and waits for medics. You broke the rules, you're fired.

It seems by leaving his post, the lifeguard put his employer in a liability situation. What if someone in his designated area started to drown as well. Well, I guess the next lifeguard down the line would have had to leave his post to. And on and on. That my friends, is what we in Jersey call...a clusterfuck. It was a perfect storm waiting to happen...but it didn't. The man was saved, no one else was in need of a rescue and the lifeguard deciding to do the right fired.

Now I hate to play devil's advocate, but what if the man was drowning, no other swimmers were able to help him and, the lifeguard did not leave his post? This poor guy would have kept his job and been crucified in the press. He would have been an internet sensation...and not in a good way.

All because of liability. As my friend and best ever partner-in-crime would say "This is why we drink." Indeed. Stupidity wins again.

In honor of this insane occurrence, today I'm gonna pick just one cool song. The real name is "Never Been Any Reason" by Head East, but everyone know's the songs as...

"Save My Life, I'm Going Down For The Last Time"... get it?

Will common sense eventually triumph over stupidity...News at 11.


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