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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Going Back to the Grass Roots

Been wanting to do this song for a while.

There was a band in the very late 60's-early 70's called The Grass Roots. Hugely successful for a few years, what they produced was just fun rock & roll. Originally, the band was put together as a vehicle for the songwriting duo of  Steve Barri and P.F. Sloan, and they lineup underwent many changes before their big hits and after them as well.

Their first big hit in 1967 was a song called "Let's Live for Today." Coming out during the turmoil of the mid 60's, with the war in Viet Nam and unrest in the country, it hit a sweet spot in the hearts & souls of a generation.

The song we feature today is another hit, this time from 1968 and it's one of my all time favorite songs.

Telling the tale of unrequited love...this time with a married woman. The idea of someone singing about such a thing was a little shocking back then.

"the sound of your footsteps tellin' me that you're near, your soft gentle motion, babe
brings out a need in me that no one can hear...except
in my midnight confessions, when i tell all the world that i love you
in my midnight confessions, when i say all the things i want to...i love you."

Lead vocals were split on this song between bassist Rob Grill and keyboard/guitarist Warren Entner. Now if we are confessing, mine will be that these guys weren't too hard on the eyes. Late 60's big mustache/long hair...but I digress.

"but a little gold ring you wear on your hand makes me understand,
there's another before me, you'll never be mine, i'm wasting my time."

You could almost feel his heart it.

Featuring a perfect bass lead in, add in some horns, drums and keyboard...yes.

"Midnight Confessions"  The Grass Roots

Great stuff.

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