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Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Legend is Born: That's All Right

Growing up, I was not a huge Elvis fan. It wasn't that I didn't enjoy the was more that he wasn't the Beatles.

I was really young when the Beatles literally, opened up a world I barely knew existed. That world was rock and roll. Elvis was already having an impact, but I was just a little too young and missed those early years. As the years went by, I'd watch him on TV, hear him on the radio and finally appreciate the man and his music.

Fifty eight years ago today, Elvis released his first single, and this boy from Memphis was on his way to becoming a legend.

A quick taste today of that song which started it all. Written by Arthur Crudup in 1946...

"That's All Right"  Elvis Presley

And that's how you do it son.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing it on twitter