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Thursday, July 12, 2012

It Was 50 Years Ago Today: The Rolling Stones


Every band, singer, writer and musician has them. What makes an average musician a great one, is taking those influences and creating a sound of your own.

On July 12, 1962, the Rolling Stones made their first club appearance in London at the Marquee Club. That night, their entire set did not include one original song. It was all covers of songs by singers who were an influence on their later style.

While it would have been easy on this 50th anniversary to highlight some Stones music, I thought it would be more fun to feature some of the music which was covered in that first set list. These links are to the artists who originally wrote/sang them. These are the musicians whose music first cried out to Mick and Keith...this is where it started.

It always comes back to the blues...

"Back in the USA" Chuck Berry
"Blues Before Sunrise" Elmore James
"Bad Boy" Eddy Taylor
"Hush Hush" Jimmy Reed
"Ride "em On Down" Eddy Taylor
"Bright Lights, Big City" Jimmy Reed
"Don't Stay Out All Night" Billy Boy Arnold
"Tell Me That You Love Me" Jimmy Reed
"Happy Home" Elmore James

...and that's how you do it, son.


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