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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Time To Chase The Blues Away

Kind of a blue morning. Day after a stormy one, the world outside still seems to be in a state of shock. Not feeling like there should be more rain, but not up to letting the sun peak through. I know the feeling well.

Thought this morning we'd go with some songs which reflect the day...and the mood. A little gray, a little sad, a little

Foreigner "Blue Morning, Blue Day" ....start this off with the whole feeling of the day
Linda Rondstadt "Hasten Down the Wind" ...great cover of a priceless Warren Zevon tune
Dusty Springfield Anyone Who Had a Heart" ...Burt Bacharach song first done by Dionne Warwick.
Survivor "I See You in Everyone" ...great imagery, and haven't we all been there.
The Eagles "Wasted Time" ...pulling out all the blues.

And since everyone knows, the only way to chase the blues away is by listening to some blues...well let's have a little B.B.

BB King "The Thrill is Gone" ...listen to him talk to Lucille
BB King "Stormy Monday" ...and just like that, kiss the blues goodbye.

Hello sun. Gonna be a good day after all.


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