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Friday, April 13, 2012

Real Fresh and Tasty: Alabama Shakes

New music today...literally. While a long time in the making, today's taste had their first CD "Boys and Girls" drop this week. Rather let's say it exploded.

Coming out of the south, this band started to get together in high school. Taking a do-it-our-way approach to has been a long time coming but worth waiting for, in every sense.

The band is Alabama Shakes and the voice you will hear is Brittany Howard. Backed on bass by Zac Cockrell, guitar by Heath Fogg and drummer Steve Johnson...Alabama Shakes offers a nice blend of R&B, rock, country and soul.  You can taste all the flavors, but they blend into one distinct sound.

Tasty morsels from Alabama Shakes:
"Heavy Chevy"
"Hang Loose"

and the song that first put them on the radar screen
"You Ain't Alone"

If you ain't shaking along with you got no soul.



  1. good job!familiar yet uniqe.This band has a future.they do rock!

  2. Nice site Kat,love the fresh blend of Genre's all put together in one beautiful sound

    1. thanks laura, stop back from time to time...always serving up some tasty treats.