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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dick Clark: Remembering American Bandstand

"It has a good beat and you can dance to it." That was what you weren't supposed to say when you were picked to Rate-A-Record on American Bandstand. The only problem was...everyone said exactly that.

As a kid, I watched AB religiously. It was where we found out about new music and where you were able to see all the artists perform. All of them. From Tony Bennet to Buffalo Springfield to The Jackson Five, Rare Earth, Little did not matter what type of music, American Bandstand had it all. Hearing all the different types of music so early in my life, had to play a huge part in my appreciation for almost all types of music today.

Then there was the man himself, Dick Clark. Always a gentleman, always smooth as glass, always on top of the music. His contribution to music world can never be measured. All I know, is throughout my youth...he mattered a great deal.

Most of the clips of American Bandstand are not available but here are a few to showcase the diversity that was American Bandstand.

Jerry Lee Lewis "Great Balls of Fire"
Michael Jackson  "Push Me Away"
The Doors "Light My Fire"
and who could forget Sheena Easton "Strut"

Thank you Dick Clark.
"So long"....easy journey.



  1. Truth be told, I wasn't into the whole "American Bandstand" thing although I do remember passing by it on the channels while on the way to Pink Panther or Tom and Jerry.

    I DO remember him from the $25,000 Pyramid. Perhaps my favorite game show of all. I never liked the early rounds though. I loved it more when they would go for the money. And most of all, I'll never forget Dick's famous line:

    "Here is your first subject.... GO!!"

    1. Yes, it was a bit too early for you...Used to love to watch the dancers. A lot of the same couples would come every week, then you would see them break up and show up with other people. It could be a regular soap opera.

  2. American Bandstand......where it all began. Music,Dancing and Dick Clark the best !