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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

And What The Hell Does She Know Anyway?

Yeah, yeah.  Everybody felt the need to chime in.

After admitting that Metal was not my strong suit, I tried to show I can think outside the box and highlighted a band most people are not familiar with, Primal Fear. While I do, on occasion get questioned on my methods for deciding on the taste of the day, usually it is people bitchin' that I should have included a specific song of the singer or band I am showcasing.

But with this post...everyone had an opinion. How could you not have Metallica? If you were doing a German band, how could it not be The Scorpians, and what about AC/DC? Seriously, did ya not think I might have considered them...first? Well...Kat always has a plan. And while I may be a bit trashy...I am never obvious (well almost never). Sometimes you need to think ahead...some of those might be featured in other posts...not necessarily in the Metal context. So one and all...calm the f&$k down.

Ok then. Let's get on to the taste for today. It is not a great morning, another night without sleep, so I'm taking an easy road today. Again, this is somthing I had thought about before and this morning seems like one hell of a good time to do it.

The One-Hit-Wonder.

We all know them, we all have a few that we love and probably a bunch that we hate. With every generation of music there will always be those bands that burst upon the scene, shoot up the charts and crap out just as quickly. One of the most notable examples...Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit in the Sky." I hope the rumors that he's lived quite comfortably off the royalties his entire life, are true.

The Monroes were a band out of San Diego who, just as their single was heading up the charts and were opening for bands such as Toto and Greg Kihn, found out their Japanese label would no longer support the US market. End of the dream. But the song that did have some success is one of my favorite one-hit-wonders.

Enjoy this all too brief taste of fame and fortune.

The Monroes "What Do All The People Know?"

Apparently when it comes to Metal...more than me.

Any suggestions for more one-hit-wonders can be left in the comment area or emailed to me.



  1. Turn Up The Radio by Autograph immediately comes to mine.

    Then there's The Ballad of Jayne by LA Guns...

    Hurricane - Over The Edge. Here's a little trivia for you...the lead singer from that band, Kelly Hansen, is now the lead vocalist for Foreigner.

  2. "Turn Up the Radio" oh yeah,that fits. Kelly Hansen huh...nice to know there's still a place for the "hair" boys. Thanks Jim.

  3. This is definitely not metal...but I always liked Benny Mardones' "Into the Night". LOVE his raspy voice. The tempo of the song just always appealed. You knew I had to pull one from the 80's! ;)

    1. That is a great tune from the 80's!

  4. Couldn't place it so I had to pull this one up on youtube, I do remember it now, oh yeah...that's a voice. Nice, thanks Alicia.

  5. I had that album ... :)