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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Let's Get Loud Today...Really Loud

Ok, since I've been writing this music blog there is one genre of music I have yet to feature. And yes, I will admit it now. While I can appreciate its form, the skill involved in it and the legions of its fans...I AM NOT A METALHEAD. There I've said it.

Yes, I do enjoy the occasion head banging moment just like the rest of you, but I am a writer...for me I need to enjoy the lyrics as well as the music, and it's just too damn hard to get past the...well loudness. Granted there are some great metal lyrics starting way back with "I like smoke & lightning...heavy metal thunder"... unofficially the first time metal was actually given a nod in a song. But some of the writing is a little too much "in your face." That's fine, to each his own and all that.

Today though is Easter Sunday..all peace and quiet and...yeah cause I like to push the limits at all times, just the perfect time for some knock-the-paint-off-the-walls music.

Firing it up today, German metal band Primal Fear. Led by the vocals of Ralf Sheepers, he is definitely a man not only with the full-balls-on delivery needed to front this power band, but he also has an unbelievable quality to his voice as well. Randy Black smokes on drums and his rhythm partner Mat Sinner has a resume of playing bass and producing albums forever. Finish it off with the dueling guitars of Magnus Karlsson and Alexander Beyrodt and if you're standing, chances are they are gonna knock your ass down.

Heavy tasting today...

"Riding the Eagle" 
"Angel in Black"

Turn the volume way the hell up...or really, what's the point.


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