From sweet and smooth classics, to new names, to old names with new music...the focus here, is to shine a little light on some damn fine music.

I'll find it. You can listen, review, or tell me I wouldn't know good music if it kicked me in the ass. I personally don't give a shit.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Oh, This Is Good, Actually It's Wonderland

A few months ago while listening to a Blues channel, I heard today's taste for the first time. Because my mind has as many holes as the proverbial Swiss cheese, I wrote down her name. I am so glad I did...and you will be too.

Coming out of Texas, Carolyn Wonderland eats the blues for breakfast and kicks the crap out of them for the rest of the day.

Able to play a mean guitar, slide guitar, mandolin, piano and trumpet... Carolyn Wonderland has one more weapon at her disposal, her voice...oh and a lot of attitude.

"Judgement Day Blues"  watch her play, listen to her wail
"Walk On"  kickin' it up big time, bring out the trumpet too
"Misunderstood" a little slide guitar, if you please
"The Wind Cries Mary" Hendrix yes...on electric mandoline

and the song that I first heard
"What Good Can Drinkin' Do" written by Janis Joplin

It's taken til now to find her, but there's no going back.
This is a bucketful of tasty treats...down 'em all.



  1. wherever you found this D flawless,WOW this babe smokes.Keep searching.Love gems