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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Railroad Earth: Newgrass not Bluegrass

Today's little snack is a bit of modern day bluegrass...or a derivative thereof. Now this is not your grandpappy's shit-kicking variety. Railroad Earth offers a blend of several musical styles: bluegrass, rock and jazz among them. Basically a band that takes the best from all types of music.

From northwest New Jersey...that's right, there's more to Jersey music than Bruce, Jon and Southside (but don't go fighting with this jersey girl about them), RRE has been playing for over a decade.

This delicious treat is a haunting ballad called "Lovin You." .So sweet and filled with wonderful instrumentation.

If you enjoy this treat and want to hear some great pickin' and playin' listen to this 12 minute, 3 song acoustic instrumental.  Each tune builds on the one before...tasty as hell. "Pickin' Medley."




  1. Just plain incredible! RRE is great! I grew up hearing bluegrass music. Took my 85-yr old dad to a bluegrass festival a few years ago. Truly treasure these times together!

  2. I am loving "Loving You!" Reallly nice choice, Kat!
    Now on to the medley - I have some catching up to do - I'll have some tunes to check out over the weekend. Nicely done.

    1. It seems "Lovin You," is a big hit by the Tweetville troops, got a lot of great feedback on this tasty choice. A shout out to the family dead-head uncle m, for my initial taste in the way back.