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Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Quick 60's Flashback: So Very Dusty

Today, this little ride is going back to the early 60's. As someone who grew up with the whole women's rights thing, I've always enjoyed the women early on in the music business, who found their way to the top.

Now in an earlier post entitled "Choosing A Role Model: It Explains So Much," I wrote of the influence Grace Slick had on my life. While Grace was up-in-your-face all attitude and voice, the late Dusty Springfield was the polar opposite.

Dusty was always perfectly put together, 60's style. Big hair, great manicure, fancy clothes.  Then there was the voice. Blue-eyed soul with feminine charm. Watching her on TV, always a lady...using those well-polished nails as an exclamation mark to her singing.

Best known for "Son of a Preacher Man" and "Wishin' and Hopin," her album "Dusty in Memphis," still reigns as a top in my eyes.

Just for fun, today's lick is just  Sixties pop at its best. Two minutes and 38 seconds of a view into the early joy of music videos.

Have a taste of  "I Only Want To Be With You."


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