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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another Voice In Heaven's Choir: Whitney Houston

Lately, it seems too often this music blog is written as a personal eulogy.  This one is no different.

I remember when MTV first began, it pretty much consumed me for years. To this day, I have drawers full of VHS tapes on which were recorded each and every favorite video of the moment. During those years, there was no way to miss the meteoric rise of one stunningly beautiful young woman, with a voice as big as the Grand Canyon...Whitney Houston.

This past week, in a post titled "Got It Covered Today," we talked about some great cover songs over the years.  So in keeping with that theme, we look to Whitney for one delicious rendition of a haunting love song.  Dolly Parton has written an incredible number of great songs. "Jolene and "Coat of Many Colors" to name two. But none was better than "I Will Always Love You."

Through the years, as Whitney battled, you always hoped the light would triumph over the darkness. Sometimes great artists never feel the sunshine. With a God-given talent so undeniable, when you heard  that voice, you knew it was indeed something unearthly.

In a live performance from 2000, Whitney showing why she will never be forgotten.
"I Will Always Love You."

Easy journey Whitney.


  1. Another beautiful tribute kat........too many ,too soon!