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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Go Big Blue: Bring On The Heat

Indeed, it is Sunday.  Not just any Sunday.  ARE YOU READY??? Giants-Pats. Come Get Some.

Now I do believe in karma, so I'm going to try to not to be mean and nasty...well, we'll see.  I'm from Jersey...don't start.  Grew up 10 miles from Manhattan and a few from the Meadowlands...home of the Giants.

I've seen the original Giants stadium being built, torn down and the new one built.  Met-Life Stadium? Not if you live in the area... for a very long time it will still be called Giants Stadium. Just like if you were going to the concert arena across the street, it was never the Brendan Byrne Arena or the current name, Izod is the Meadowlands. 

While I've always been a Giants fan, baseball is much more my sport and that's coming soon enough, but today it's all about Big Blue.  Don't like the Pats much, being a Yankee fan, Boston sports teams are like gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe.  Annoying because you just can't get rid of them. And then there's BabyHeadBrady. there, I've said it, yeah I still remember him after the last Giants-Pats Super Bowl, where we ruined their perfect season, crying like a little...I said I wouldn't be mean but it's so hard.  

Anyway, who knows what will happen today.  Hopefully one of the Giants will make a play like The Catch by David Tyree in the last Super Bowl, but all we can ask is a well-played game with no blown calls by the officials.

It's Time To Put Up Or Shut Up.
Taste for today, "The Heat Is On" by Glen Frey.  Come Get Some.


  1. Sure it is Superbowl time...Yes I am a Pats fan but..Isn't it funny how it often comes back to the Red Sox / Yankee thing...
    I think I wouldn't even mind the Giants so much otherwise...
    I watched "Money Ball" last night...the story of Billie Bean and the Oakland A's/ Pretty good.
    Makes me think about all those "Other" teams and what they must go through trying to compete against the big monied behemoths.

    One of the great things about football is there is a sense of fairness..its more of an even field with the salary cap. May the best team of 2012 win....And furthermore..may the highest paid team of 2012 also lose in baseball....again...ha!

  2. that last sentence was very, very wrong. guess you didn't read this post from the end of September.
    Wanna fight..let's go big boy!

  3. One Happy Giants Fan.........................Now "Lets Play Ball" !!