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Monday, February 13, 2012

The Grammy Awards: The Day After

Today we are doing a little something different.  Our first guest post. Blog reader Teen L. serves up some quick thoughts on last night's Grammy Awards.

Grammy Night: Some Highlights and Low Lights 

Bruce..."We Take Care of Our Own"    Perfect way to open the show.
LL Cool...Very well done!
Adele... The song bird, vocals at its best.
Jennifer Hudson....Moving tribute to Whitney
Chris Brown...Not a big fan.
Katy Perry....I'm speechless
Foo Fighters...Oh Man!   "Music from the soul"
Bon artist, not to me--No fancy hi tech studio required.
Tony Bennet....A classic
Civil Wars....Excellent duo 
Glenn are "The Rhinestone Cowboy".
Sir Paul and the Rockers....."The End"  The Best 
Nicki Minaj....No Comment. ! 

So pleased the DVR was set. Cranked it up this morning to replay "The End". 

Thanks Teen.
There were definitely some moments that took your breath away and not necessarily in a good way. And then there was Adele, setting the standard for what music should be. No dancing, no simulated sex, no wardrobe malfunctions...just a song, a voice and an attitude. I, for one couldn't ask for anything more.


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