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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

An Old Chestnut From The Byrds

If you read today's post on Kat's Theory of Life, you would know I bought an IPhone yesterday. I also downloaded my first song from ITunes.  Yes, it has taken this long...I am so not into technology..but I keep getting sucked in. That's fine, old dogs, new tricks...woof.

So I browsed itunes for a few minutes before seeing a band with whom I first had a many years back.  February 5, 1972, good God that's 40 years ago. I went to my first rock concert.  It was at the legendary Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ...and the band was The Byrds.  Not my favorite group of all time, but definitely one who helped define the era.  I was hooked on live music from that point next concert was exactly two weeks later.

Once I saw The Byrds on itunes, I knew what my first download would be.  A song which I may have on vinyl (remember that), but do not have on CD. As a child who collected horse figurines and whose parents planned a family vacation to Florida by way of the Kentucky horse farms, "Chestnut Mare" was a song which made me happy for as long as I can remember.

"That's when I lost my hold and she got away
But I'm gonna try to get her again someday."

Now the song has been up to interpretation since it was released..was it about a horse, a woman, heroin...or is it about none of those at all.  Don't care, just makes me smile.

Hope it makes you smile too.


  1. Nice choice Kat for your first download. My favorite birds song!

  2. And it's a good ole chestnut! Nice video too.