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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Iko Iko...Get Those Feet Moving

Who hasn't heard this song?

There's a reason why everyone knows it...even though guaranteed we don't know the right words. The reason we all know it is because it's just a great, infectious tune and it really doesn't matter if you know the words or not. All you need to sing is "Iko Iko," and your feet start moving and your face brightens as a big grin comes across it.

The story about Iko Iko goes something like this. In the 50's a New Orleans musician named James "Sugar Boy" Crawford, wrote a tune called "Jock-A-Mo" which eventually morphed into Iko Iko. The story of the song centers on the confrontation of two different "tribes" or Mardi Gras Indians. Crawford used many of the phrases used by the tribes in the song, but in the end it has always been the feeling and melody of the song which has kept it a favorites of bands even today.

A few tastes of "Iko Iko"

Possibly the first recording was by the Dixie Cups...remember "Chapel of Love"? Legend has it they were at a recording session when they began singing "Iko Iko", accompanied only by a bit of percussion. Priceless.

Belle Stars " Iko Iko"
For the Deadheads and you know who you are..the Grateful Dead "Iko Iko"

My personal favorite version, Dr. John "Iko Iko"

The hurricane's coming, might as well dance til it gets here.

"If your feet ain't tappin', baby you're dead."


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