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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Lot of Heart

Today marks the release date for one of Rock & Roll's most enduring kick ass bands. Fanatic, the new album by Heart drops today.

I have always been a fan of Heart, but then I've always had a soft spot for women rockers who take no prisoners and have the talent to back it up. Heart has always belonged in the Big Boys League. Great stage show, those vocals; hard rockin' while still able to do soft ballads...and they did it in high heels.

Today, I offer a little tribute to Heart, but we're not gonna listen to a bunch of Heart songs. A fellow blogger commented on a post last week that he would use one of my highlighted songs in a mixed CD for his lady. So that got me thinking about what to  do today. As a twist, let's hear a few good songs with heart in the title. Now there are a kazillion songs with heart in the title, a lot of very well known ones at that. Just for S&G's let's taste a few songs, while lesser known, are still really good listening.

"Hot Rod Heart" ...John Fogarty
"Heart Turns to Stone" ...Foreigner
"Half of My Heart" ...Survivor
"Heartache" ...Lou Gramm
"Chrome Plated Heart" ...Melissa Etheridge

And just a few beats from Ann and Nancy.

Thanks for the inspiration Sean...maybe you can add one or two of these.



  1. Love it, Kat! I'm glad you brought up the Wilson sisters because I can remember having a HUGE crush on them back in the day. I've got some ideas about a few songs but need to wait 'til I get home to find the right titles. I'l be back!

  2. Here you go, Kat, a quintet of additions:

    "Atom In My Heart" ...Frank Black
    "Dreaming With A Broken Heart" ...John Mayer
    "Fortress Around Your Heart" ...Sting
    "Two Hearts Beat As One" ...U2
    "Heart In A Cage" ...The Strokes

  3. ooh, thanks for the additions. i had a few more that i wanted to put on, but i couldn't find video/audio for them. especially love Fortress. good listening.

  4. I'll never get tired of ann's voice or nancy's guitar playing.

    I'd throw in Melissa Etheridge's Chrome Plated Heart, too

    Hearty post

  5. Let's see if they actually get into the Rock and Roll HOF this year. But let's not go down that road first thing in the morning.

  6. Hi again from England...

    I think I was the only person in Britain to buy 'Magic Man' all those Moons ago !! When I've ordered up their Cd's - well, it's like I'm asking for the Earth !! After all the - "is it in the charts ?" type questions, I thank the Lord that someone invented the Internet & a few days later, the Cd's reach me in the post !!

    As soon as it's released here, 'Fanatic'will be waking up the
    village !! I thank you for mentioning it - I was unaware it was coming out !!

    Take care

  7. Glad to help...have a quick taste here
    It's gonna get loud in that hometown of yours. Just as it should.