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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Celebrating A Life: John Lennon

John Lennon would have been 72 years old today.

The songwriting team of Lennon-McCartney was my first and perhaps my greatest musical influence. If you were alive when The Beatles entered the picture, you would know they changed everything. The sound, the look, the attitude of the era...all turned on its head.

While both John and Paul went on to successful careers on their own, the sum was always greater than the individual parts. Nothing they did alone could ever compete with the musical genius of Lennon-McCartney.

As we celebrate John's birthday, let's taste a couple from the Fab Four, then go into some solo stuff.

"The Night Before" the Help album. For fun music, you can't get much better than this album.
"Revolution" The White Album. Released a year later, this album showed the direction they took with Sgt. Pepper, was just the tip of the iceberg. This clip has a few words from John about the song.

And a couple of solo tastes...

"Watching the Wheels" ...from Double Fantasy. Is there a better song describing finding contentment in your life...don't think so.
"Imagine" ...To write a hundred memorable songs in your lifetime is a feat done by only a few. John also wrote an anthem for the world.

Thanks John.



  1. As another profound songwriter once said: "They don't write em like that anymore!". I lament not being around when the Beatles were. John and Paul were part of a dying breed of songwriter. Ones only matched by Dylan, Billy Joel, Elton John and Bruce. It's amazing how different (and better) songwriting from the 60's and 70's is compared to today.

  2. It may have to do with the time they were born (post war) to the era of the 60's when women and blacks fought for equality, and kids wanted their own sound...there were so many external influences. And of course,they were brilliant.

  3. hey Jim y forgot some names,Ian Anderson,Gilmour&Watters,U2 and who can forget hocus pocus by Focus(love the lyrics)

  4. the 2 moptops started it all,when someone asks about ones fave band,obviously mine are Tull&Floyd,there is no need to mention Beatles.they were the standard,period