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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Birds Again? The Presidential Debate

In my defense, one reason I could never run for office is the debate thing. OK, so the whole shady past is another, but I digress. I know if I was in a debate on nationally broadcast TV, there would come a point where I would look at my opponent and say "...are you really that fucking stupid?" sigh

However, as luck would have it, there are plenty of other candidates ready to be seen as buffoons. Case in point...there was a little debate last night. I swear they do these things just so all of us have something to write about.

So here are a few comments from last night. Let's play the match game...I'll give the response, you figure out the candidate.

"Government doesn't create jobs" ...Elect me into office and I'll create jobs. WTF?

"It's not as big as yours" ...I think they were talking about pensions, but maybe not.

On oil drilling: "What was the cost, 20 or 25 birds were killed" ...Was Big Bird one of them?

"Now all of a sudden, you're a big champion of coal"  ...How nice, we all need to excel in something.

While tweeting last night about this prime time entertainment, a connection between a couple of things came to mind. In the spirit of good citizenship and with tongue planted firmly in cheek, I give you the musical taste of the day.

The Police "Canary in a Coal Mine"

Tweet, tweet...



  1. Tweet Tweet.........Throw another piece of coal into the fire sista........

  2. Hi again,

    This is not to do with the debate.... but, a big "Thank you" !!

    The Heart 'Fanatic' Cd came today.. it's well good !!

    Thank you for letting me know it existed !!

    All the best !!


    1. Great, glad to help. Thanks for coming back again and again. Much appreciated.

  3. Nice post and song choice! I myself chose not to watch the debate last night but instead took in a marathon session of The Walking Dead on NetFlix. Because the truth is, that's what we're all going to wind up being like no matter who wins.

  4. ha. love it. truth be told, I finished an interview then put on the Yankee game and had the debate on my laptop with my earbuds. I don't know which was more painful to watch.