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Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Little Story About An Earring

A long way to go perhaps, but sometimes you just need to tell a story...

It had been four months since he left.

Life hadn't changed very much, other than the nights. They were long and unsettling. It was time, she thought, time to do a cleansing. First was the bathroom. With waste basket in hand, she grabbed the razors, the deodorant and the toothbrush. Things he had left behind, just as he had left her behind.

Methodically she went room to room, as if removing each object that belonged to him, would also remove him from her mind...and heart. She left the bedroom for last. Most of his clothes were gone, the only ones still there were the ones forgotten in the hamper as he rushed to leave before she came home.

She dusted, vacuumed and disposed of every item with a memory tied to their life. As she moved an end table, something on the carpet caught her eye. She remembered instantly the trip to St. Maarten where he surprised her with it. When their connection seemed unbreakable. When he loved only her.

It had been a pair, but sometime around the breakup one had been misplaced. In her foolish heart, she hoped he had taken a reminder of a time when the heat was intense, the love deep. But as she saw it shining in the bedroom light, she knew he had not.

Golden Earring "Radar Love"



  1. my hands were wet on the wheel ...errr... my keyboard reading this.

    Love the imagery. Love the song. good work.

  2. Thanks Lance. It's a change of pace for me. Usually I like to give more info about the music, but every once in a while it's just nice to tell a story.

  3. Love the tie in to the song/group, Kat, another really enjoyable piece to read. Thanks for sharing!