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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Clothes Don't Always Make The Man

Bored by the conversation of her sorority sisters, Sam aimlessly looked out the window.  The frat boys they spoke of with such veneration were nothing more than well dressed mannequins; handsome but vapid.

She thought of Jesse. The way he looked in jeans as he nailed the floor boards on the deck. How the sweat ran down his back, finding its natural path. The way she felt when he’d pick her up and spin her until she was dizzy.

She thought of her brother, smiling broadly as he greeted his friend, instantly reminding her she was just the little sister.

ZZ Top "Sharp Dressed Man" ...Maybe not all girls are crazy for them.

This post is for the prompt of Sharp Dressed Man for Lance's 100 Word Song
My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog


  1. AFTER reaidng your longer posts it was awesome to see you present something tight and immediately impactful.

    I like what you did with the first paragraph. You get close to her immediately.

    thanks for playing 100 word, i cant wait for you to pick one

  2. Thanks Lance, this was really a kick. The funny thing was my first draft was exactly 100 words. Totally not good to go, but at least my inner word clock was working.

  3. Diametrically opposed to the typical Sharp Dressed Man...loved your take on the song.


  4. Sometimes it is the boy next door in jeans and a tee who out shines the Sharp Dressed Man.

  5. I enjoy the casual look much more. Well done.

  6. yeah, you can't beat tight jeans. thanks deana.

  7. Oh yeah! Nothing, nothing sexier than a good looking man in tight jeans.

  8. it seems all the women are on the same page. jeans, it is.

  9. unrequited love? The little sister lusting over her brother's friend? All wrapped up in a tight denim package.


  10. ...yes, it always goes back to the package, doesn't it?