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Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Billy David Band: Magic

At the beginning of the month, I wrote about my new gig over at Earth Hertz Records. I also mentioned when new music was released,  I would do some posts to introduce it. So let's talk about the first single released through Earth Hertz.

"Magic" is the new song from the San Diego based Billy David Band. Founding band member Billy David Millican wrote "Magic" as an ode to the allure and power of a woman. Produced by Paul Kastich, Julian Tydelski and Billy David, the quality of the musicians on this album is evident.

With a powerful pop beat tinged with reggae, add in an infectious chorus... just try to keep your feet from moving.

For a limited time, readers of this blog can stream "Magic" at this link:
Magic link

Check out the video:

Lead Vocals: Billy David Millican
Backing Vocals: Quino McWhinney
Live Drums: Paul Kastick
Drum Programming: Julian Tydelski
Percussion: Jackie Bertone
Bass: Othneil Campbell (Taddy P)
Acoustic Guitars: Programming by Julian Tydelski
Electric Guitars: Kyle McDonald, Dylan Keawe
Piano and Organ: Julian Tydelski
Keyboards: Julian Tydelski, Lynn Copeland
Trumpet: Kevin Batchelor
Saxophone: Anant Pradhan

Available now through: