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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Josh Ayers: "Waste"

Gather 'round Peeps, it's time for new music.

As promised, from time to time I will be featuring new music from the artists at Earth Hertz Records. In full disclosure, I write for Earth Hertz, which means I can tell you about new sounds before most people become aware of them. And that's cool.

The artist I'm debuting today is not only a singer-songwriter, but also a record producer, and host of his own radio show. Josh Ayers hosts a weekly program on WHAY 98.3 in McCreary County KY, where he showcases new music and new artists.

Josh counts Neil Young, Tori Amos and Tom Waits among his influences. His style is take some raw emotion, write some lyrics describing it, and work in the music that fits. His first release from Earth Hertz Records is a song which was written as an exercise between him and a friend, where they decided to write a song a day. This song "Waste," was written on the first day. I think you'll agree, he was off to one hell of a start.

Desperation and self-loathing are translated into poignant lyrics. The emotions may not be pretty, but the song is both introspective and haunting. Check out the Josh Ayers artist page on StreamBeam.Us and his music on  iTunes and CD Baby.

Listen to Josh Ayers "Waste"

Show him some love today, it's his birthday.


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