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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

And She Was...And She Is

So today, Lance over at MyBlogCanBeatUpYourBlog was saying nice things about me, and being yesterday was his birthday and I've haven't bought his new book yet (but I will and you should too) I was guilted into playing his 100 Word Song Challenge.

Seeing as Tara from ThinSpiralNotebook chose this week's song and it was one of my faves, I couldn't resist. The song is "And She Was" by Talking Heads. Now there's a little story about this song and me. A few months ago I was interviewed by It's a blogging platform where I post my Life and Music blogs in addition to my own site. One of the questions they asked was to choose 3-5 songs which define me. One of the songs I chose was "Brave and Crazy" by Melissa Etheridge for obvious reasons. One was Dobie Gray's "Drift Away," and the third was "And She Was." The reason being sometimes in observing people and life in general, I feel like I'm both in the world and above it, looking in.

With that in mind, I decided not to come up with a story per se this week, but rather use the title to tell my story. This being it: I wrote a lot when I was young, then took off about 30 years, then started writing again. Just lately, I began a new career in the music business... writing. About music.YES. Happy ending indeed.

So in exactly 100 words, here's my story.

And she was hooked as long as she remembered.
And she was one with the melody.
And she was inspired by the words.
And she was often moved to tears.

And she was wordless for an eternity.
And she was joyful when her voice was heard.
And she was watching from a distance.
And she was telling all she saw.

And she was learning more each day.
And she was reaching hearts and souls.
And she was offered her dream if she only dared.
And she was ready to take a leap.

And she was able.

And she is fulfilled.

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  1. definitely different

    I love the flow, here

    1. I had a story in my head about doing some acid and floating and then I read Tara's story, which I usually never anyone else's before I write mine. Her's was similar and absolutely perfect, so here we are.

  2. This was prefect! The piece had a wonderful rhythm to it.

    1. Thanks Tara, but I did really enjoy the cocktail over at your place.

  3. So nice to be surrounded by such lovers of music and the written word! Very cool!

    1. yes, it's a great little family for sure.

  4. Excellent use of the prompt and I'm so stoked for you, girl! Second chances and from a different perspective, are amazing things. Joie de vivre!

  5. Being a part of your journey for 20+ years.......... well done Kat. :-)

  6. <3 that's a big + at the end of the 20. We always were a good partnership, no matter who was riding shotgun. xo my sista.