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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Magic Behind the Music

Like many of you, I've been to countless music shows, and have thoroughly enjoyed most of them. I've watched set-up, sound checks, breakdowns, the whole process. Last night, I was fortunate enough to enjoy the spectacle that is sound check, as well as a knock-your-socks-off show. So I thought I'd give you my observations on the evening.

Sometimes, and not always, when you do your job the right way it is appreciated, and trust and friendship develops. Through one of these friendships, I was invited to a private party with entertainment from two classic rockers, still at the top of their game. While I eagerly anticipated the show, I was front and center early to hang with the guys and watch the preparation for the show.

Set-up for a music show ain't pretty. It begins with boxes and cables and stands. Drums kits are pieced together, keyboards are hooked up to the computer, guitars are placed in stands. Then one by one, each piece is plugged in, attached or lined up, until the unit is complete. Now every hall, every venue has certain advantages and limitations, and it's up to the road crew to figure out what they are and make it all work.

Now it's time to tinker. The technicians test everything. When the task is complete, the band steps in to get it all up to their standards. Testing 1-2, is followed by phrases that while are technically in English, seem like they are another language. It's all the technical terms for what works and what doesn't. As the first performer steps in, the adjustments on his vocals and guitar take place. There's grunts and groans and stops and starts. Then through a maze of notes and guitar riffs, the sweet sound of a saxophone brings an instant sense of serenity to the scene.

Time for the second artist to check his vocals. A series of starts and stops, a verse here, a chorus there, getting the sound correct in everyone's ear, you wonder if they will get it together before showtime. While adjustments are made by the sound crew throughout the show, at one point during the sound check, it all kicks in. The stage once again is empty and we await the start of the show.

Hybrid Ice
John Cafferty and Michael "Tunes" Antunes
Jimi Jamison

Seasoned performers all. It was a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, as the performers are well acquainted with both the host of the evening and most of the crowd. It was like playing in front of old friends, and in fact, it was.

While the mood was intimate and jovial, the music was all business. It rocked. A lot.

And it was great.

Thanks guys, it was a blast.

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  1. Kath,
    Thanks for your help with the decorations and snacks. Glad you enjoyed the party and had a safe trip home. See you again soon!

    1. It was good to see you Jeanne... and Judy too. And Paul was so gracious when I told him I was kinda crashing his party. Welcomed me with open arms. Good people all around, and of course the entertainment could not be beat

  2. Good job Ms Promotions

    I helped with a Blue Band friend of mine this weekend and it made the experience even better.

    good stuff

    1. Yep, watching everything that goes into it makes it even more, I don't know... real, worthwhile. It just connects you a bit more. Thanks Lance.

  3. Oh yes. ;) Carrying gear in. Setting it up. Check. Check. Check. Sibilance. 1-2, 1-2. Oh, but how lovely it would be to have a crew set it all up and then to walk out on the stage and plug in! Sounds like you had a great night Kat! Cool that you got to hang with the band for sound check.

    1. I knew you could relate to this, Ms. Musician. It was a great night, a lot of great people, and of course the music.

  4. It's always the soundcheck part-annoying!