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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Twisted MixTape: Talkin' Beauty Baby

I missed Jen's party last week because there were just too many commitments and not enough hours. And I was gonna bow out this week too, but then she started tweeting "Come out and play," and well you know, I do hate to miss a party when there's good music. So here I am at 6:45 in the morning. For you Jen, for you.

The theme for the Twisted MixTape this week is Beautiful Songs. All righty then, that could be anything.

Let me start by saying, just because it's beautiful, doesn't mean it's happy. One of the most beautiful songs you will ever hear is a heartbreaking song of realization. Written by Eric Kaz and Libby Titus and covered over the years by Linda Rondstadt and Rosanne Cash among others. I first heard it by Bonnie Raitt, it was fabulous then and still is.

"If I could buy your love
Then I'd surely try my friend
And if I could pray
My prayers would never end
But if you want me to beg
I'll fall down on my knees
And ask you to come back
I'd be pleading for you to come back
I'd beg for you to come back to me"

So powerful, so sad, so Beautiful.

"Love Has No Pride"

Next up is a song I used in a blog a year or so ago. It's not fancy or complicated. It's just Beautiful. The band is Railroad Earth.

"Lovin You"

I first heard Judy Collins sing this song a very long time ago. Beyond her voice are the lyrics. Of course they were written by the incomparable Leonard Cohen, and they are Beautiful.

"Now Suzanne takes your hand 
And she leads you to the river 
She is wearing rags and feathers 
From Salvation Army counters 
And the sun pours down like honey 
On our lady of the harbour 
And she shows you where to look 
Among the garbage and the flowers 
There are heroes in the seaweed 
There are children in the morning 
They are leaning out for love 
And they will lean that way forever 
While Suzanne holds the mirror"


Tim Hardin wrote a song which became a Top Ten hit for Bobby Darin in 1966. As a thank you, Darin then wrote "Simple Song of Freedom" for Hardin, and it was equally successful. But the Hardin song is the one that fits in today. I've heard it done by Johnny Cash, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Led Zeppelin and, well there was even an entire album of covers of it released. Those who know me can guess who I've picked.

"If I Were A Carpenter"

Tomorrow being 9/11, and with this country thinking about dropping bombs again, I thought this would be the perfect song to end a Beautiful list. John said it best.

"Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace..."

I'll be slithering back to my dark hole now. See you all soon.

Jen Kehl


  1. Oh, I love Imagine.....poetic and yes, beautiful!

  2. Imagine is perfect.

    Look how young Bonnie was. I swear I don't think I remember seeing her before the age of like 38.

    1. yeah, that's why I used this video. I've seen stronger versions of her doing it, but this was a whole lot of roadhouses ago. Thanks my friend.

  3. I'm sitting over here in Bflo, blowing you Darin kisses as I type, but not just for the B.D., but the J.L. as well. Too bad there's still just not enough of us willing to see what could be instead of what is.

    Beautiful list, Kat, I'm glad you did come out to play =)

  4. oh t, I had no doubt you would appreciate Mr. D.
    We just have to keep trying to change the idea that music needs 42 people dancing and doesn't need instruments. It will happen.

  5. Beautiful list. I love Leonard Cohen and Imagine at the end was a perfect way to describe tomorrow and our country. I'm glad you played!!

    1. Thanks Donetta, I was really young when I first heard Suzanne and I really believe hearing those lyrics had something to do with me writing back then. I was in awe that someone could write with such imagery.

  6. You know I need to get over my "no sad songs" hang-up. It makes lists like this really hard. So much of the beauty is in the raw emotions, and so much of raw emotions is sadness. Although that Railroad Earth song did it.
    I was kind of raised on Judy Collins, my dad LOVED her. Really, sometimes I sensed such a strong emotion from him when he played her music. It really is a beautiful.
    This is a really good list. Much better than my cop out and I really really appreciate you taking the time to through together such amazement just for the party!

    1. Really Jen, I wasn't going to play again this week, but when I saw the theme, 3 of the songs just popped into my head. Love Has No Pride, Suzanne and Carpenter. I just always thought they were so beautifully written. And c'mon, don't you think gut-wrenching emotion is beautiful? Thanks Jen.

  7. I'm glad someone included Imagine. It's probably THE most beautiful song ever written.

    1. It's definitely right up there, and as important and relevant today as it was the day John wrote it.

  8. nice list... knew most but not all songs/artists. the thing about your list was the coherency of the songs taken together. No quite sure what I mean, probable something like, 'the songs you selected today work really well together.

  9. Thanks Clark, I hadn't really thought of it in those terms but you're right, they kind of flow well together. Appreciate you taking the time to stop by.

  10. Linda Ronstadt does a wonderful version of "Love Has No Pride" on Hasten Down the Wind. I like Bonnie's version a lot too. And Leonard Cohen - always liked his stuff. Suzanne is a favorite.

    1. Yeah, Linda's is sweet as well. And Hasten is my favorite album of hers, but I first heard it by Bonnie, that was my reasoning there. So love the imagery in Suzanne.

  11. Finally made it over... Been so busy. Apologies!!!

    Your list is Truly Beautiful... Without a doubt.

    Enjoyed, Slu

    1. No need to apologize, these weeks I barely have time to listen to everyone's, no time to comment. Glad you could make it, glad you enjoyed.