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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Road Trip: Let's Ride

Road Trip.

Two words, eight letters that get my blood pumping every time. This afternoon, we take off for an evening out, in a venue about 70 miles away.

Returning tonight, it's gonna be a lot of driving, on a lot of back country roads.

Time for a little traveling music.

Now there are different types of traveling music. Some bands themselves, just have a sound that works when the sun is shining and you are rolling down the highway. The Allman Brothers are a great example of this. Put on Eat a Peach or Live at the Fillmore, and you are always good to go.

Then there are specific songs that just put you in the mood for an adventure. Let's taste a few of those today.

Lynryd Skynyrd "The Breeze"
Doobie Brothers "Rocking Down the Highway"
Tom Cochrane " Life is a Highway"

and for a destination mood setter...
Survivor "Caught in the Game"

Turn up the volume, pedal to the metal and drive...
oh yeah baby...that's what I'm talking about.


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  1. allman brothers are the all stars of traveling music.Doobies&Skynyrd not too shabby.Road trip,yey