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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Take A Ride In The Driver's Seat

Today we offer a second installment of the one-hit-wonder taste of the day.

This is a song while it became a hit in 1978, had a second life when it was used in a European advertising campaign over ten years later. The song is from a British group called Sniff 'n' the Tears and the song is

"Driver's Seat"

"Doing alright, a little driving on a Saturday night."

I actually saw them perform in NYC when they opened up for Dire Straits. I don't remember any other song they did, only that I has happy as all hell to have seen them play "Driver's Seat."

A little strum of the guitar, easy drum beat...kick it up.  Just a fun song with a catchy chorus.

Just take your place in the Driver's Seat.



  1. wow,have not heard that one in a long time.Tasty

  2. Makes me want to get in the car and turn up the radio ... oops car's not here right now, back to cleaning ;)