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Monday, May 21, 2012

Lonely Days: RIP Robin Gibb

Even though we knew it was coming, it still caused pain when you heard the words. Robin Gibb dead.

While I was never a big fan of the disco era, losing two performers in the same week, who defined the era so greatly...makes you think back over all the music. Donna Summer and Robin Gibb, both dead within a few days of each other.

However, The Bee Gees were so much more than the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever. Yesterday the music blog focused on the incredible harmonies of The Mammas and the Pappas. There was a thought about harmonies I didn't include. It has to do with the difference in harmonizing between siblings and non-siblings. You would be hard pressed to find another group of siblings who harmonized better than The Bee Gees.

In their early years, what I found fascinating about their music was the subject matter. A man on death row, a mining disaster, a song referring to a state in a country not even their own. Those early songs were the ones that meant the most to me. And, whether you loved or hated disco, there was no denying how really good those songs were. And, yes everyone did privately enjoy at least one of The Bee Gees disco era songs.

A taste of my favorite songs by Robin, Maurice and Barry Gibb.

"Lonely Days" ...a live clip from 1975, just great
"Jive Talkin'" ...could be a guilty pleasure, but how can you not love it
"Gotta Get A Message To You" great song. every high school band at the time was required to play it
"Words" ...Barry sang it, the three brothers wrote it. haunting and beautiful.

Easy Journey Robin.



  1. Although I was never a fan of the disco era, the Bee Gees were always more than that. The harmonies, the music, it was catchy, yet the lyrics deep. Disco faded, yet the Bee Gees lived through it, into the world of pop, and survived strongly. They stood uniquely with their singing style. I was never a fan of disco, but will always be a fan of the Gibbs. MTC

  2. could not have said it better. thank you mark.

  3. Captured my thoughts and feelings on the usual, Kat! ;) If you're a true fan of music, you can't deny the impact this trio had. While a lot of the disco era songs were hokey, at best, these guys put out quality product. And, who could deny the greatness of those unique voices in perfect harmony.

    Gonna listen to those selections above again...and probably again. You know me.... :)