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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On The Soapbox Again: School Funding

Well it's that time of the year again. School is almost out for the summer and school boards across the country are starting to grumble about funding.

Not enough money for this, we need to make cuts in that. And what is the first to go...the Arts. Bullshit I say. Why does this country always attack the very things which give us our humanity.

Music and Art. Let's take one at a time.

I have no artistic ability. What I do have is an appreciation for the gift of others to create something which makes your eyes grow wide and never want to erase the image from your mind. Example, I love the artist Georgia O' Keefe. I have several prints, posters, notecards etc. of her art. It's must be 20 years ago, there was a major exhibition of her work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. I was so moved by seeing the art in person; it is still one of my most treasured memories all these years later.

I have no musical ability. What I do have is a heart that has exploded more times than I can remember, when hearing a song that both makes me smile and brings tears to my the same time. I have been lucky enough to enjoy live concerts from almost every music genre. From Blues to Rock, from Classical to Reggae...there is nothing that can take the place of a live performance.

What's my point?
Without the Arts in the schools, kids are void of the stimulation needed to "scratch the itch" and develop their abilities. A generation growing up without the humanities...aren't we all becoming too computerized already?

So, I thank one of my friends from Twitter for bringing up this ongoing issue and hope you all will do what is necessary to fight for that which makes us feel alive...the Arts.

Let's have some fight songs:

Twisted Sister  "We're Not Gonna Take It"
Bob Marley  "Get Up Stand Up"
Bryan Adams "Kids Wanna Rock"

and if you need a little more inspiration...
Survivor "Eye of the Tiger"

Feel it. Do it.



  1. You do have an artistic gift- writing. You have a lovely way of conveying your emotion and a point.

    As for the topic- not all kids are maths geniuses, or good at science or history- some are artists and everything should be done to cater for and enrich their natural talents. It is a sin to do away with something like music, that has an influence in one way or the other, on everybody's lives.
    Keep the fight for music in schools alive!!

    1. thanks for your kind words. and yes, god knows math or science were never gonna be my calling. without the atmosphere where all talents can be nurtured, too many will not be fulfilled.

  2. As one of the Boxer's of saving the arts in our schools...........i thank you so much for this topic so near and dear to my heart ! xo

  3. had to throw last song in.aint boxing babe,but great topic.arts&music define us clears mind&soothes soul.cut the fat not the arts

  4. Well lost my last comment that didn't post so synopsis of rant - this is a fight worth fighting! It's not only creativity that gets sparked with the arts and music, it's academic achievement and development as well! Never mind, the oft studied link of math and music. Well done, Kat. You can count on me to open up my mouth on the topic in NYC!

    1. ha, yes you have beaten the NYC BOE before...kudos on that.