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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Trying To Get The Holiday Spirit

As I still haven't even listened to The Nutcracker Suite...I guess you could say the holiday spirit still hasn't found me.  I will get around to sampling the wonderful Tchaikovsky ballet soundtrack though, and if you really haven't listened to it all the way really need to.  It's magic.

That however, is not the taste for today.  Indeed, I am offering a holiday delight...two in fact.  The first is a traditional Christmas carol.  Singing my favorite carol, "O Holy Night"  I give you Phillip Webb, a wonderful tenor whose performance might bring a tear to your eyes.  I personally cannot help but tear up whenever I hear this beautiful song.

But since I have been a rocker all my life, and will be till they take my dancin' boots away, I give you "Christmas is Here" by Survivor, off the "A Classic Rock Christmas" CD.  A compilation CD where a portion of the proceeds benefit The Port Authority World Trade Disaster Survivors Fund and The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Education Fund.

Wishing one & all...peace, love and a great lullaby to dream on.   Merry Christmas.

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